Current Opportunities

School Governor Harlow based primary school• focusing on school performance & pupils’ outcomes
• balancing support with challenge – with your ‘fresh pair of eyes’, you may see things others haven’t
• formal meetings: looking at data, financial information, strategies etc provided by the Headteacher and senior leadership team – how does it fit together? are initiatives having the impact expected? are there any gaps or areas for development not yet identified?
• visiting the school to see things first-hand and to meet with key members of staff
• on-line and face-to-face training
meeting/visits/events average perhaps once a month, normally at school, timing (daytime vs evening) to suit governors collectively
AccuroAccuro are also looking for Volunteer Fundraisers to attend events and collections organised by the Fundraising team throughout the year.Various
Harlow Conservationlooking for volunteers to help maintain the rivers, woodlands, parks and open spaces in the town, including sites of special scientific interest. As and when, and can be on an individual basis or as a group, regularly, or as a one-off team exercise.
Digital BoomersThe Digital Boomers project is to help older people become more tech confident and retain their independence for longer. This will be achieved through the creation of four Smart Homes across West Essex, creating live showcases of the ways in which digital devices can make life easier, help people to retain their independence and be both educated and entertained. Various

For more information on any of the above opportunities please contact Kate Greer on