Case studies

We measure our impact using qualitative as well as quantitative information.

Using feedback from service users, benchmarking and value for money indicators we continuously measure the social impact of our activities.

We gather impactful case studies of the work we do with individuals, organisations and communities and you can find some of them on these pages.

In addition, for services to individuals, we measure distance travelled along an agreed trajectory.

“A huge commendation must go to Rainbow Services for the work they do. On first meeting Jemma was able to cut through to what we needed as an organisation and the suggest opportunities to connect and re-imagine our relationships with the third sector.

She clearly has great awareness of the organisations and agencies which operate here, and so too the opportunities. Jemma can creatively and imaginatively challenge the old thinking and it was exciting to meet someone who has that level of insight and oversight, because no meeting or time with Rainbow was wasted. Rainbow is clearly part of the lifeblood of the voluntary sector in Harlow and will yet play a major role in supporting, capacity building and transforming services here.” Sardar Shahid, Associate Director, Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust

“Without this project I wouldn’t have gained a volunteer of this level”

“My organisation’s needs were understood and what I needed was delivered”

“Thank you to Rainbow services for sharing St Elizabeth’s CSR (Corporate Volunteering) with their Stansted Airport contact, enabling x17 Corporate volunteers to spend the day here at the St Elizabeth’s Centre 3rd October 2018 The volunteers worked across our “Ashvale” Horticultural project and general gardening across the centre.  The feedback from the group has been very positive and they would like to volunteer for us again.” Katiuscia Pulford Community & Corporate Engagement Officer

“Thank you so much for making the connection between our Volunteer Lunch and the Stanstead CSR work.

Stansted’s volunteers were amazing,we have invited them back next year and were just so delighted with the outcome, thanks to Rainbow Services.

Our volunteers also thoroughly enjoyed the event and said, it was the best ever, a lot of credit to the Stansted team for helping make it fun.” Sardar Shahid, Associate Director, Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust

‘Following your lead, we have now received confirmation back from Stansted Passenger who have pledged their support towards our summer festival this year.

It is incredibly awesome and a great feeling to know that we can always call on and fall back on you on such matters.’

Herty – Community Embrace





In 17/18:

  • 4,000 volunteer hours
  • 1,617 people supported to learn new skills and give back to the community in our Workshop
  • 146 affiliates
  • 49 ebulletins
  • 45 groups attended the Voluntary Sector Forum
  • 3 free information workshops
  • 27 groups given free advice and guidance
  • Represented the sector on 25 networks
  • 400 older residents of Harlow supported to make new connections
  • 21 employee volunteers matched to 14 community organisations