Time Credits

Social action and volunteering have many health benefits as well as being ideal ways to develop new skills, try out possible career pathways, meet new people, and simply have fun!

In July 2018 Harlow Council launched a Time Credits scheme in partnership with Tempo and Rainbow Services and supported by Essex County Council.

Time Credit schemes aim to build stronger communities.  People earn Time Credits by giving their time to local services and groups. One Time Credit is earned for each hour of time given and acts as a thank you for the contribution of time to their community or service.  People can then ‘spend’ Time Credits to access events, training and leisure activities provided by public, community and private organisations, or to thank others in turn.

The community came together to help to design a credit note for Harlow:

In Harlow, we have an exciting choice of partners with volunteering opportunities which individuals can sign up to to earn their credits and an exciting and diverse range of activities which credits can be spent on.

You can view the Time Credits impact report: Time Credits as a currency for change.  This reports demonstrates how Time Credits:

  • Support increased wellbeing for individuals
  • Strengthen place-based economies
  • Support longer term financial sustainability of charities and community groups
  • Build stronger relationships between people and public services

To find out more, contact Wendy Letch at wendy@rainbowservices.org.uk or look at the range of volunteering opportunities and spend activities here http://www.wearetempo.org/programme/harlow-time-credits